Frequently Asked Questions2021-09-14T10:14:33-05:00
Can I store my extra belongings in the basement or garage?2016-09-24T23:12:00-05:00

We strongly recommend that you store these items off site, in order to showcase basements and garages to their full potential. We can make arrangements for charity pickup, estate sales, or a professional organizer, if needed.

What is the number one thing buyers are looking for?2016-09-24T23:01:24-05:00

Freshly painted walls, current flooring, and storage space.

Can you bring in furnishings or do I need to shop for them?2021-02-08T23:25:53-06:00

We can provide personalized shopping services or bring in short-term rental pieces, as needed.

Will I have to buy all new furnishings?2021-02-08T23:25:53-06:00

No – in most cases, we suggest eliminating some of your personal furnishings and work with many of your existing pieces.  However, we can also make arrangements to bring in additional furnishings, if needed.


How long will it take?2016-09-24T22:58:53-05:00

Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours depending on size of home

How much will it cost?2021-09-14T10:17:06-05:00

A ReDeZign initial consultation starts at $275 for 2 hours.

What is involved during a consultation?2021-02-08T23:25:53-06:00

A full comprehensive and complete ReDezign tour thru your home inside and out.  Discuss options, list of charities, 5 stages of getting it ready, and personalized checklist of tasks.