The difference between occupied home staging and interior design is a question that remains in the minds of many people who are new or uninformed in the industry. Both aspects of home design have the same end goal of enhancing an individual’s living environment. Despite that, they do differ in a few subtle ways, which are discussed further on.

What Is The Difference Between Occupied Home Staging and Decorating a Home?

Due to their many similarities, many homeowners are unsure of which option to select.

As a branch of the design industry, occupied home staging is the process of highlighting the best features of a house to help customers sell at the best market price. However, there is a significant difference between creating and staging a house you are selling and decorating to express personality.

What is Staging a Home?
To make a home more appealing to prospective buyers, home staging highlights its best qualities.

Benefits of Home-Staging

The staging delights potential buyers and leaves them something to remember at the end of their house-hunting day. At the end of the day, home staging is a process to sell a property, and in the current market, decor trends attract more buyers than they sell.

Staged homes are more appealing to prospective buyers by emphasizing the best features of the property. Furthermore, it helps the house sell fast as well as fetch a high market value. Home staging services have seen an increase in demand due to the increase in online buying and selling of houses. Effectively using this tool can help you market your home efficiently.

How Does Interior Design Work?

As a process, interior design aims to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a home. A house’s appearance is transformed through artwork, color themes, and other accessories that cater to the occupants’ needs. In the design industry, this is probably the most popular method of home improvement.

What’s The Difference Between The Two?

Interior design and home staging differ greatly in their target audiences. Interior design looks to meet the specific needs of homeowners or tenants, while home staging focuses on making a property more appealing to buyers. The goal of home staging is to entice buyers to make an offer on a property, while interior design focuses on designing a home to make its occupants comfortable.

In short, home staging neutralizes or depersonalizes the living area and arranges a property to attract buyers, while interior design personalizes a home to suit your lifestyle.

Occupied Home Staging and Beyond…

For homeowners wanting to list their homes on the market, a common conundrum exists. How does one stage a home for buyers appeal while still living in it?

This is where the experts in occupied home staging in St. Louis can help. A professional occupied home stager can help homeowners detach their sentimental and personal decor from their homes. Homeowners can still live comfortably while selling on the market, and the home itself is still visually appealing to prospective buyers

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Likewise, we can assist someone with a “makeover”; those who have lived in their home for some time but simply wants to update their look or change things up.

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