These sellers sold their home in record time using our services!

We recently sold our home of nearly 16 years. It was a large home with many rooms and a variety of furnishings throughout. Andrea walked with me room by room providing me with advice on which items to keep and which to remove, so that our home would look it’s very best and be photo-ready. I was amazed that by simply relocating existing pieces to other rooms, the entire house was completely transformed! Since we were downsizing, rather than purchase new artwork and accessories, they provided us with fresh, on-trend furnishings to use during our time on the market. Which, by the way, wasn’t long! Thanks to the DeZign to Sell team along with our wonderful realtor, our home went under contract for full asking price in 36 hours! I am so very grateful to have had their expertise and for helping this to be a much easier process than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend them and plan to use their DeZign to Live services to assist us in our new home!

Barb & Darren Viernes